Visual Creative At Work


b. 1990, PA.


Ariane Gresson is a visual artist from Pittsburgh, PA who has called Washington, D.C. home for some 9 years.  A double graduate of Howard University, she received her BA in Political Science (2013) and her BFA in Photography (2015), both areas of study which furthered her love for two seemingly separate focuses she strives to converge each day . Ariane has been featured in multiple Washington D.C. based exhibitions for her works and in 2015 self-published her first photographic book, "Bleaching: A Visual Study of Gentrification in the District of Columbia," in which she visually explores the rapid cultural, political, and  socio-economic changes of "Chocolate City", visible through physical and architectural change. This site serves as both a working portfolio and a way to connect the public with her art.


CV available upon request.